Standard System

For complete auction support —from sale to process to delivery—you need a comprehensive solution that can bridge the gap between all operating levels.

EDGE ASI delivers a system that is designed to control every aspect of your auction’s operating process from Inventory to Accounting.

This is a user-friendly, web-based system that features:

  • Wireless and bar code inventory systems
  • Paperless auction blocks
  • Lot control system—keep track of vehicle movements in, out, and around your lot
  • Vehicle specific reservation system which accommodates current and future sales
  • Automatic posting of vehicle charges that can be applied prior to arrival
  • Title and/or check distribution and tracking
  • Tracking all A/R payments and credits
  • Multiple sales capability
  • Dealer and Dealer rep activity tracking
  • Automatic posting of vehicle pick-up and delivery charges

With the EDGE ASI system, you can gain the ease of checking your inventory levels from the comfort of your desk without having to sift through piles of notes and forms.

Added Functionality

When you leave the office, the EDGE ASI system with you. EDGE ASI applications are available for your mobile devices. Now, you can check your operations on-the-move through a graphical user interface.


Not only will you be empowered to track and manage all activities across departments, but you can advance your reporting capabilities as well. With lightning-quick reporting, you can spend more time analyzing and forecasting to keep your auction operations rolling full-tilt.

The latest reporting features include:

  • EList electronic reporting tool with Excel, HTML, XML, CSV and TXT formatting
  • Data transfers for common reports and internet listings
  • Statistical Reports on Dealer Activity, Sale Day progress, Auctioneers
  • Historical tracking of previous High Bids
  • Condition Report / Work Order Approval

Full Support and Training

Does your organization needs a refresher course in the use of the system? Maybe you would like to use some of the new modules or would like to get the most out of your existing programs. We will help you with on-site training and quick response to auction system requirements with remote support.

When you need an answer, we’ll deliver live, immediate support.